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Press and media enquiries

Please contact Laura Sharrock-Long or Tony Attwood at Hamilton House Public Relations. Call 01536 399 000.

Outside office hours please call 07714 76 2250 - please note this number is not answered during normal office hours.


PR Opportunities
with Hamilton House.

In the last 10 years the way in which companies in the education sector can use PR has changed considerably.  As a result the way in which Hamilton House handles PR has changed radically from the way we did it ten years back.

We now divide the issue of PR into five separate approaches which are set out below.

Option A: The Hamilton House Media
Hamilton House owns and operates a range of websites with a high teacher and modest parent readership.  These include

Readership normally runs at around 80,000 visits per month.  Interestingly, the average reader of UK Education News spends over half an hour on the site.  Each individual article on Schools News gets around 700 visits (the whole site getting many more than this of course).

Most of our clients using these news outlets write their own copy, and where that is the case our charge to place a single item on each of the sites for a year is £250 per year.

It is of course possible to add a different item for each site per year, or have the same story appear on each site for the £250.   Two stories per site are £500 per year etc.
If you choose any of options C, D or E, then option A is discounted by 50%.

Option B: The local story
In this instance Hamilton House will write the story for your approval, and then place it on our own media, and supply it to the relevant local media.  A typical story would involve a local school that has purchased the product or service, and which indicates that it will co-operate with Hamilton House to get publicity for itself and the company.  Or it might include a number of schools in one area.  In this regard we liaise with the local media and work to put the school/s and the media together.

Our role is to create the story which the school is happy with, through the press release and then liaise with the local radio station and local newspaper.
Cost: £250 per story.

Option C: TES, Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, Education Magazines, Radio 4, Radio 5 Live, local radio stations
We will create a story that is suitable for the up-market press and education magazines and email it to them and to local BBC radio stations.

The cost is £250 per story, but please note that most education magazines will also charge to run the story and we will pass that charge on to you.

Option D: The rest of the national press
A story which is likely to be picked up by the Guardian etc is less likely to be picked up by papers such as the Daily Mirror, and thus this needs re-writing. 

The cost is £250 per story.  If Option C and D are taken together the cost is £400 for the story.

Option E: Blogs
We have found that blogging on a very regular basis is now more effective than traditional press releases in terms of getting individuals interested and getting them to follow up their interest.  We have produced blogs on topics ranging from education to direct marketing and to football, with our highest hit-rate blog getting over 750,000 visits a month.  What’s more, blogs are a way of getting stories into the national press, as once a blog is seen to be relevant, journalists will pick up on the story and re-use it.

We can set up and administer a blog if required, or we can simply provide the copy.  Our rate is £100 per story.

Our top readership blog publishes three articles a day, our marketing blogs publish three a week.  How many articles you want to have published is of course a matter for you.

What sort of story?
To get a story into a local newspaper it normally has to have local interest and some newsworthiness.  To get a story into a national newspaper it needs to have real newsworthiness.

To give an example of this we worked for a number of years with South West Grid for Learning who not only provided internet services for schools across the south west, they were also a central focal point for stories relating to internet safety across the country.

Because of this involvement their stories were readily translatable into news.  Thus their launch of (for example) a training course for teachers, a conference on internet safety, or the use of mobile phones as a means of bullying, could all be linked to information on just how many internet enabled devices children had and how net-savvy they were.

This contrasts with many companies whose products and services are of interest to teachers, but where the launch of these products and services are not necessarily newsworthy.

To overcome this we are able on occasion to do surveys which produce the newsworthy story.  Thus, for example, a company that leases minibuses to schools does not in itself have a newsworthy story.  However our research for such a company showed that the vast majority of the school minibus fleet was over 5 years old – and thus not always in the prime of road worthiness. 

Adding in this type of research can make a story newsworthy – although of course there is never a guarantee of this.

Because of this we do feel that surveys of this nature are vital.  You may well have your own research department undertaking suitable surveys which can give your product and service a newsworthy angle, if not Hamilton House can devise, undertake and analyse the results of surveys for you.   The cost of each survey is £200.